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Make the Switch to Our Eco Suede Non Slip Yoga Mat

While we're all about practising yoga in style, what really gets our prana flowing is a yoga mat that not only looks the part but is also toxic-free and eco friendly.

Sadly most conventional yoga mats harbour some funky chemicals...(and no, we don't mean the fun kind). That's why we're so passionate about our 100% natural suede yoga mat range made of safe non slip materials.

5 Smarty Pants Reasons to Choose a CHUCHKA Eco Suede Yoga Mat:

👌 Enhanced grip technology means the more you sweat, the better the grip! What is this sorcery? It's all about the ultra absorbent microfiber suede top that results in a non slip yoga mat that's also pretty to look at. 

😅 Guilty of unleashing your sweaty goodness into your yoga mat? Our microfiber suede yoga mats are machine washable for easy cleaning (ideal for hot yoga fans).

🙏 Free from toxic PVC (polyvinyl chloride) - a cheap and nasty carcinogen 😱.

❌ Zero, zilch, nada latex, silicone, toxic glue, & phthalates (made from a soft suede microfiber top and 100% natural sustainable rubber base).

👁️ Fun statement prints to inspire your practice and share your yogi personality.