Printed Eco Friendly Yoga Mats (Non Toxic) - $79 USD | CHUCHKA - Chuchka-US

Beautiful Printed Eco Friendly Yoga Mats (Natural Non Toxic Materials)

Chuchka's range of eco yoga mats are not only beautiful with eye-catching prints and designs, they're also free from toxic PVC (polyvinyl chloride) - a cheap and nasty carcinogen, along with silicone, toxic glue, latex, and phthalates. 

Our range of printed yoga mats are made of safe eco friendly materials including 100% natural rubber, cork (antimicrobial properties resists germs & smell) and microfiber suede (enhanced grip technology & machine washable). Avoid chemicals found in conventional yoga mats and make the eco switch to Chuchka's eco yoga mats for your health and the environment.