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September 13, 2019 3 min read

5 Stylish Diaper Bags for Mummas in the Know

by Emma Hale

Step out with swagger sporting one of CHUCHKA's top five cool baby bags for mummas who don’t want to sacrifice style - all incorporating the No. 1 mum-friendly feature - WASHABILITY 🙌🙌🙌.

If you're about to dive into motherhood with a babe on the way, or perhaps you are already navigating a toddler (or two!), you’ll no doubt have discovered that these curious little creatures sure require you to have a lot of things on hand to remain nourished, respectably clean, and, well, chill. 

When even the curated “essentials” mum bag list requires guns of steel to tote around, it’s important to invest in a bag that will HOLD IT ALL, with class... 

Coco Diaper Bags 

stylish nappy bags - Chuchka

Chuchka's Coco Diaper Bag in black and khaki is specifically designed for mums on the move. This spacious tote can expand to your needs with additional press studs to clip the bag into shape when you're carrying less. The Coco features multiple carrying options including a wide shoulder strap for hands-free shopping and reinforced handles with a padded shoulder attachment. With several utility pockets and the option of a versatile and easy to remove organiser insert for keys, wallet, bottles nappies and more, the Coco is perfect to transition from babe to boardroom or an early morning Pilates class.

Kiki Neoprene Tote

Stylish Nappy Bags - Neoprene - Chuchka

Our all black Kiki Neoprene Tote packs a punch with loads of space and compartments for your personal and baby needs. Two internal zippered compartments mean you won't be digging in the depths of your bag for that dummy or snack as the threat of a tyrannical outburst escalates. And a detachable clutch means you can drop and dash when you're off duty. If you're one for a splash of colour and looking to add some character to your carry all, the Kiki Tote includes removable interwoven rope handles and customised patterned straps to do just that.


Koto Vegan Leather Tote

The Koto Vegan Leather Tote has that elevated touch of luxe to compliment any ensemble. The trending tan is a classic wardrobe staple and will take you from playgroup to pub night. The Koto will outlast bottles and nappies and you'll love it for trips to the beach, brunch with friends, and as a carry all for play dates and playgrounds. The Koto also has a detachable clutch, optional strap and super handy internal compartments. While the Koto isn’t machine washable, the vegan leather comes up new after a once over with a baby wipe (those things are so multi-functional!).



#4 Large Neoprene Tote

If your mumma style is a little more on the wild side, Chuchka's Large Tote in animal print is all you need to navigate the jungle. While everyone coos over your new babe, you're sure to get equally as many adoring compliments on your bold new bag. While the Large Tote makes a flashy statement, it does not compromise on functionality with all of the practical requirements you need in a diaper bag. The Large Neoprene Tote also comes in reversible and multiple eye catching patterns ready to accompany you on your next adventure with mini BAE. Buckle up.  


Velvet Tote

We love the velvet tote for unapologetic air of EXTRA. This high society tote comes in a selection of soft colours ranging from classic black, smoky graphite, tan and royal blue. With all of your essential internal features, the Velvet Tote delivers plush practicality, with plenty of storage space for a long day out on the town, in the hills or up the coast. She’s a tote that brings a touch of fancy to a bag that’s essentially designed for poo emergencies. Gotta give her credit for that. 



Emma Hale

Emma is a career chameleon with qualifications in Psychology, Community Development and Communications. A freelance writer with a love of wordplay, when she isn't writing up a storm, she's cooking one up! Emma loves reading, photography, travel, event styling, fresh air, and anything that combines the above with food, family and friends. She truly gets the need for a stylish and serviceable nappy bag when she’s out and about with her three year old twins.

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